Quick Insight into 5 of the Best Android Weather Apps

Be it planning an outing or your outfit for the next day, having a weather app installed on your android device can be really handy and useful at all times. Here are 5 of the best Android weather apps available in Google Play Store:

1. The Weather Channel App: This one tops the list and offers the best local forecasts, weather-related news that pops up, and radar maps. It is known to proving the most accurate forecasts that are available. These forecasts include options like temperature in Fahrenheit/Celsius, 10 day, 36 hours or 10 hours forecasts.

The app’s weather maps are accurate and are generated at a good speed. One can pick satellite and road views, which are hurricane active tracking with layers of maps that can be chosen – there are water temperature, snow cover maps, cloud maps, etc. This app also allows users to report the weather, which can be shared with other users.

2. 1Weather: This is the most favorite of weather apps in the Google store. The reviews are raving about how people love this app. Of all apps, this happens to be one of the highest rated ones. The UI is groundbreaking and is a combination of a number of interesting weather tools, which makes it so popular. There are interactive charts that show 36 hours and 7 days of forecast. You can also get hourly updates on weather changes on the go by picking the options in the settings.

3. The Weather Underground app: This is the newest to join in and is popular for its precise hyper local forecasts apart from the interactive extreme weather alerts, satellite maps, and radar maps. The app is backed by crowdsourcing from a dedicated team, which can be very accurate.

Users can get push notifications for free. If you live in a place that is prone to severe weather conditions, then this app is the one for you. The app can help track storms with satellite data and animated radar, which can help with tracking of even wildfires apart from hurricanes. It can be highly addictive for the interested!

4. WeatherBug: This is one of the most beautifully designed and easy to use apps, which take data of neighborhood-level that can also be real time in order to populate information. It is the only app, which gives lightning proximity alerts for saved as well as current locations.

You can pick the distance the lightning is from your location or from your saved location in order to stay safe. It gives alerts along with weather conditions and the duration of the particular weather. For example “Heavy showers starting in 1 hour, for the next 50 minutes’. This lets you plan for the day.

5. Arcus Weather: This weather app makes use of the Forecast.io API in order to get the most precise and live weather data. This specific API has a number of huge data sources, which are brought together in a statistical method. Some of the features are – Dashclock extension, home screen widget, and extreme weather alerts. The most
liked features though are – no ads at all and an option of 10 saved locations.

Plan your day out better with these weather apps for Android!

Amresh Sinha

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